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What you will get

Paid Internship
Based on your profile we will match you with one of our top partner companies in Malaysia. All companies have experience in guiding international interns and provide modern environments which we have visit personally.

Guaranteed approval by your University
ll of our internships are always approved by the Universities. We are up to date with the requirements set and we even look beyond those requirements.

Luxury accommodation
You will live in a luxury apartment with facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, gym and much more. A room in a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment roughly costs between 300 and 400 euro per month.

Get in touch with other students
You will also get in touch with other students who are in Malaysia through our International Internship Program.

Advice from Kong International
We will inform you from A to Z with all the information you need, from airplane tickets to how to get to your company from your apartment.

Your personal contact person
During your internship period we will be your contact person for any questions you have.

Price & Procedure

Participation & investment in your future: 625,- euro

Step 1
Apply online through the website or send an e-mail to: info@konginternational together with your: 1. internship period 2. starting date 3. University 4. Study course 5. CV 6. Internship positions.

Step 2
Choose one of the proposed internship send by us and send us your motivation letter and CV.

Step 3
Your application will be submitted after the prepayment of 95 euro.

Step 4
In case of mutual interest and invitation for an interview regarding your application, the second payment will take place of 265 euro. We will plan in a Skype interview (time, date and all information needed) between you and the company.

Step 5
The company will notify us if you are accepted. In case of good news the last payment will be done (265 euro) and we will confirm the internship at your University and fully prepare you for your arrival in Malaysia!

Sign up through the following link: Apply . Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully.

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