Internship in Malaysia

Internship in Malaysia

Malaysia is an ideal country for an internship. English is well spoken, so there is no language barrier. Another reason for many students to go to Malaysia, is the tropical climate. Throughout the year it is around 30 degrees in Malaysia. On your days off there are plenty of possibilities for nice trips in the country. The main reason for most of the students to go to Malaysia is because they want to explore new cultures, and Malaysia is the perfect country for that. Although everyone will probably have to get used to the cultural differences, the land is developed in such a way that as a foreigner you will not have to deal with a huge culture shock. The Malaysian people are more than happy to show you ‘their world’.

About Malaysia

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and consists of two parts: the Malay Peninsula and Borneo. Malaysia has about 30 million inhabitants, of which around two million lives in Kuala Lumpur. The country has three major populations: the Malays, Chinese and Indians, who all have their own religion and culture. More than half of the population is Islamic, furthermore there are many Buddhists, Christians and Hindus. The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu, but almost everyone speaks English well.

Have lunch with your colleagues

What do we do?

We work closely with our partner companies in Malaysia, mostly in Kuala Lumpur. We visit the offices and talk with the management and staff. We also try to take some pictures with every company we work with, so we can give you an impression of what to expect. So we have a database of companies and available internship positions and when a student applies, we look at their needs, interests and abilities and try to find the right match. The internship positions are also available for fresh graduates. The minimum internship duration is three months.

How do we work?

As soon as we know your interests, hobbies and positions you are interested in, we will propose a company to you. We will give you a job description and inform you about the environment, company culture, transportation and many other details so you have a clear impression of the company. There are no costs involved in this. The real application process starts when you officially want to apply for the proposed position. Read more about this process.

Internship positions

Marketing (Social Media, Online Marketing, Performance Marketing)
Content Marketing (Creative Content Editor, Copywriter)
Web / Mobile / Game Development/Design
Data Analyst
Business Development
Project Management
Research & Innovation
Public Relations
Management Consulting
Interaction Designer
Multimedia Design
Visual Designer
Front End/Back End Developer

Modern offices & beautiful facilities



It is really easy to find housing in Malaysia, as many apartments are empty. You will pay around €300 per month for a room in a shared apartment with luxurious facilities such as a gym, sauna and a rooftop pool! Together with other students you can rent an apartment with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. When your internship application has been finalized, we will provide you with phone numbers of landlords in Kuala Lumpur. Also check out ‘9 Reasons to do an internship in Malaysia‘!


During your internship in Malaysia you can also travel in Malaysia and the surrounding countries. Malaysia is a stunning country to discover. Students often organize trips with each other to explore Malaysia together. Traveling can be really cheap, sometimes an airplane ticket of Air Asia or Firefly only costs you €25. In the weekends you can relax on the beautiful beaches of Tioman, Perhentian or Langkawi. But you can also go to Malaysia’s Food Paradise: Georgetown in Penang.


Swim at your apartment after work

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